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Cutting Board Holder

Brief Description

The Cutting Board Holder mounts directly underneath any cabinet and provides a convenient means of storing a cutting board.

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Purpose of the Invention

The Cutting Board Holder is a mountable, stainless steel receptacle that can be secured to the underside of a cabinet to provide an out-of-the-way storage space for a cutting board. This would benefit anybody who does not have a cutting board holder already integrated into their cabinetry or kitchen design. This would prove especially useful for somebody that has limited kitchen and storage space, such as those who live in apartments, townhouses or dormitories. The Cutting Board Holder could be installed in any kitchen without the need for an expensive reconstruction of the cabinets. This would keep the kitchen’s counter space clutter-free and offer more storage room in the surrounding drawers and cabinets. The Cutting Board Holder’s simple design and manufacture enables the device to be installed into existing cabinetry and can be easily removed, if desired.

Problems Solved by the Invention

Cutting boards have a way of finding random storage spaces around the kitchen. Most of them are stored inside of a drawer or cabinet, which takes up unnecessary space and makes for difficult access for the user. Some people leave their cutting board laying around on the countertop or lean it against a wall on the counter. This creates a messy look in the kitchen and exposes the board to ambient germs and bacteria. Professional installation of extra storage space for cutting boards or other kitchen utilities can be expensive and cause permanent alterations to the cabinetry. This is not an option for anybody who does not own their house or does not want to spend too much money just to store their cutting board.  

Detailed Description

The Cutting Board Holder mounts to the underside of any cabinet for convenient storage and easy, slide-out access. This mounted holding device would fit underneath any cabinet 14” or wider. An indented handle would be integrated into the cutting board’s design so the user could easily slide the board out from underneath the cabinet. The mounting device would be constructed of stainless steel and would be able to house a cutting board capable of withstanding significant forces. The entire unit would be mounted with four screws. This would ensure a simple and inexpensive installation process. The screws would secure the holder, which would consist of a pair of opposing channels that would receive opposite sides of the cutting board. The channels would be connected by metal strips that would feature apertures intended for receiving fasteners. Each side of the holder would be capped at the end to prevent the cutting board from sliding too far. The entire apparatus would measure approximately 1” in height, 12” in length and 12” in width. With The Cutting Board Holder, the user would have an easy-to-install unit capable of storing their cutting board when not in use while providing easy access for the user.

Image Info

FIGURE 1 Shows the Cutting Board Holder installed underneath a cabinet, with the board in place. FIGURE 2 A close-up of the stainless steel holder. FIGURE 3 Depicts the Cutting Board Holder installed without the board in place. FIGURE 4 The board being slid into its out-of-the way holding space. FIGURE 5 A view of the product in its packaging.

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