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Pet Christmas Tree Saver

Brief Description

Pet Christmas Tree Saver prevents cats, dogs, rabbits or any other domesticated animal from going under a Christmas tree and playing with the lights and ornaments.

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Purpose of the Invention

Pet Christmas Tree Saver is a screen that is placed at the bottom of a Christmas tree to prevent kittens, puppies and other animals from playing with the lights, ornaments, tinsel and other decorations on the tree. This easily applied screen would also deter the animal from attempting to climb the tree. Because the tree is protected from the tampering of house pets, the user will not have to constantly clean fallen needles or sweep up broken ornaments. The electrical lighting in the tree also poses a threat to the safety of the animal. Pet Christmas Tree Saver is available in various sizes to accommodate all Christmas trees.

Problems Solved by the Invention

Any household that has pets and puts up a Christmas tree, knows the animals are often curious about the tree. Kittens and puppies always get underneath the tree and swat at the dangling ornaments or branches, making a mess for the pet owner to clean up. Kittens also like to climb the tree, which can cause needles to scatter across the ground and the tree to possibly tip over. More importantly, most people decorate their trees with electrical string lights, which pose a threat to any pet that chews on them.  

Detailed Description

Pet Christmas Tree Saver is a circular screen that clips to the underside of a Christmas tree to prevent household pets from chewing on ornaments and decorations or from trying to climb the tree. This soft, pliable screen can be made of fiberglass and can be clipped to the underside of any Christmas tree. The screen features approximately seven slits around the peripheral of the screen, three slits around the center and two at the joining center part. These center parts overlap when closed, allowing the slits to line up on either side to clip together. The clips go through the slits and attach to the branches, holding the screen in place. When the screen is secured, all of the bottom branches, ornaments and decorations are elevated from ground level and have a physical barrier between the floor and the tree. Pet Christmas Tree Saver is discreet, as it cannot be seen when it is attached to the tree. The screen and clips are available in various sizes to accommodate a variety of trees, no matter their width or girth. Exact dimensions and embodiments of Pet Christmas Tree Saver may vary and will be determined upon manufacture.

Image Info

FIGURE 1 Shows a cat unable to reach the branches at the bottom of a Christmas tree.
FIGURE 2 Shows the screen and the clips.
FIGURE 3 Shows one of the clips passing through the screen and attaching to a branch.
FIGURE 4 Shows Pet Christmas Tree Saver attached the bottom of a Christmas tree.
FIGURE 5 Shows Pet Christmas Tree Saver’s screens and clips in various sizes.

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